Watch Pokemon Episodes

Watch Pokemon episodes and join the worldwide craze for these cute pocket monsters and their exciting adventures in every episode. The Pokemon series has started way back in the late nineties and has become one of the most popular cartoon series for kids from all over the world. It has even placed itself in the most popular of video game consoles and has increased fan base from there.

The word Pokemon is actually a fancy shortened for of the term “Pocket Monsters”, which is the main concept of the television show. These small creatures are special beings that cohabit with people creating a culture where people can capture and train Pokemon and kept around them as pets right in their pocket size mechanical balls used to hold these creatures called pokeballs. People and Pokemon from all over the world then meet and compete in Pokemon battles in a contest of strength and skill between these Pokemon and the effective training skills between trainers.

The cartoon series focuses on one such trainer named Ash, a young boy who sets out on a journey to become the greatest Pokemon master in the world. Together with his new Pokemon Pikachu, Ash sets out on his journey capturing new Pokemon along the way and fighting and winning battles. He also meets new friends who support him all throughout his journey to find the gym badges that will allow him to compete in the grand tournaments where the greatest trainers meet and compete and find their destiny.

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