Scary Movies to See on Halloween

Friday the 13th. I bet you can hear that spooky music in your head now. Jason is one of the scariest Halloween psychos around. Not only Friday the 13th but also on Friday the 13th. There are several Friday the 13th movies out there to see — and all of them are excellent. This is an ideal movie to see.

Scream (the trilogy). There are three Scream movies, all equally funny and scary. We all remember that Scream mask and those scary telephone calls the psycho would make. This is the perfect movie to see on Halloween night (just don’t answer the phone!). We can easily see you watching all three of these!

The Exorcist. This is a very scary movie, considered one of the most frightening movies out there. Many grown adults have never seen this movie, considering the idea of demonic possession to be something they simply don’t want to consider further. If you dare….this could be a great Halloween movie to add to your movie marathon. Just try to have someone around to hold your hand or to scream with! You could even eat pea soup together as you watch this movie (it is rumored that the vomiting scenes were done with pea soup).

Dracula. Now there are several Dracula movies out there. You can see the original Dracula movie from 1931 or you can see the recent Dracula movie from 1992. For any “Drac” fans, this is an option you simply can’t pass up.

Hitchcock films. Many people consider Hitchcock films to be very spooky indeed. Dial M for Murder is an excellent Hitchcock film and there are a number of others, including Rear Window. These movies are so scary not because of what you see — but rather because of what you don’t see. Your own imagination winds up going out of control because of what is suggested and it is a terrific ride.

There are many classic horror movie reviews online, trailers to watch and resources such as in abundance. Enjoy!

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