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When a satellite from outer space gets sucked through a black hole, a group of chimps are sent to retrieve the satellite and also explore the possibility of extra terrestrial life. When they arrive at this different planet the find out that their satellite is being used by an evil alien called Zartog to rule. The chimps must survive on this hostile planet and some how get back home safely after their space craft is stolen by Zartog.

Basically that’s everything you need to know about this movie. Although your kids will probably enjoy Space Chimps there’s a few things that bothered me. One of the main problems I had with this movie was the story – yes this is a kid’s movie but all the recent smash hits by Pixar and Disney have all had a good story behind them. For example in this movie we see that a group of kids are teasing Zartog and he is arguing with them because of this, but its nothing really sinister but all of a sudden when this satellite from earth lands he becomes an evil dictator and anyone who doesn’t listen to him he puts them in this type of volcanic waste which oddly freezes people.

The next biggest problem I had with this movie was the CGI, one minute it looked great i.e. the scenes where the focus is on the chimps them selves but when the scenes change to the other planet it looks as if a different CGI company was used and a bad one at that, some times it looks like your watching a cheap Saturday morning cartoon.

Some of the jokes are more adult orientated but that’s not to say your kids wont get most of the jokes because they more than likely will, some of the dialogue between the Chimps is quite funny but that’s not enough to save the movie. Overall Space Chimps lacks a wow factor and feels incomplete so save your money and give this one a miss, or even wait until this one is out on DVD.

I award Space Chimps 2 out of 5 Stars.

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