Kenny – a Movie Review

Kenny is an Australian produced movie starring little known actor, Shane Jacobson. It is a quirky movie centering around the character of Kenny Smyth, an overweight divorced father of one. He works for a company called “Splashdown” delivering portable toilets to all sorts of events including the Melbourne Cup.

To say that there is a lot of toilet humor in this move would be an understatement. It is a scatalogical tale like no other. Every septic challenge is met head on by Kenny, who has a surprisingly positive outlook on life given his occupation and the fact that his father, in the movie, is an obnoxious character who does little but project his negative personality on all and sundry.

Eventually, as the movie meanders along, Kenny finds himself at the Mecca of waste management, the “International Pumper and Cleaner Expo” in Nashville Tennessee. Here Kenny strikes up several friendships with an attractive air-hostess and a Japanese businessman, the latter with a surprising consequence.

Kenny chugs along without reaching any truly great heights. It is filmed in the style of a roving documentary. Every joke about poo is told through the speech impedimented Kenny who comes across as a very likeable character.

At just under two hours the movie is about one quarter too long. It could have been more punchy if it were edited to a crisper 90 minutes. There were several scenes that added little including the camping scene with Kenny, his pony-tailed brother and their father. The wandering expo scenes and Melbourne Cup scenes were also too long.

In all, Kenny was an amusing movie of average merit. My score… 5 out of 10. Others seem to rate it higher but I was expecting more considering the rave reviews that much of the media and others had given it.

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