Sheree and Nene of the Real Housewives of Atlanta

In the first episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta the focus is on Sheree who is planning to throw herself the most lavish, not-to-miss party that Atlanta has seen. Immediately we know it’s all about Sheree and no one else.

In this episode we also find out that there is some looming tension between Sheree and Nene. Tonight’s big question is whether or not Nene will be invited to Sheree’s birthday party?

While Sheree is mulling that over we get a glimpse of Kim talking to her mystery multi-millionaire dollar man who leaves her wanting for nothing. Imagine renting a nice luxury vehicle and then coming home and calling “Big poppa” and telling him that’s what you would like to purchase today. It must be nice.

In between cracking her whip, Sheree decides she is going to invite Nene to her birthday bash. The evening of Sheree’s party Kim and Nene decide to arrive fashionably late, but there’s one little hitch in their plans. When they arrive they soon find out that Nene’s name is not on the guest list. How can you be one of The Real Housewives of Atlanta if your name is not on the list?

Nene is totally embarrassed because the security guards are acting like the Queen of England is in the living room. At any moment I thought they were going to tackle her to the floor.

Now when this situation was brought to Sheree’s attention I thought she handled it badly. Being that there was an existing situation between Sheree and Nene instead of sending her assistant to tell security to let her in. She should have walked her pampered legs upstairs and personally apologized for the mix up. That’s what a classy lady would have done. But not Sheree she continued to party brushing it off as if it weren’t a big deal.

Kudos to Kim who stood by Nene’s side, she refused to go in the party if Nene wasn’t let in. Now you know some of your trashier girlfriends would have given you the piece sign as they slipped on in.

Now Nene I know you were upset and yes it did seem like it was done deliberately. But the world is watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta we can’t be potty mouths on television. Stay tuned for some more comments and observations.

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