How To Burn A DVD In Vista?

In Windows Vista it is very simple to burn DVDs.

Using Windows Media Player you can create your own music CDs and using Windows Movie Maker you can make your own movies.

You can even convert your digital video tape to DVD, so you can watch it on your television.

If you want to burn files on a CD or DVD, you simply drag the files to the DVD burner drive.

For making backups you can use the new backup center.

The first thing you need to do when burning a CD or DVD is get empty discs. But which discs do I need? Do I need CD-r, CD-rw, DVD-r, DVD-rw, DVD+r, DVD+rw?

The most important is that you buy discs where your computer can write to. In other words, the discs have to be compatible with your computer. If there is in your computer only a CD writer you cannot burn DVDs.

If the drive is compatible with CDs and DVDs then you can burn both discs. But there is also a difference between DVDs. Because there are DVD+r(w) and there are DVD-r(w) discs.

Now what is the difference between DVD-r and DVD+R?

The differences between DVD-r and DVD+R is less relevant for computers, because computers can read both. The difference between those two DVD types has more to do with the way the data for playing movies will be stored on your television. But for the average computer user this information isn’t relevant. Therefore you only need to know if the DVD player, DVD writer and other devices are compatible with DVD-r or DVD+r.

To find out which formats, DVD-r or DVD+r, are compatible with your device you should read the documentation which came with the device.

Now you know which formats are compatible with your DVD writer and you have some empty discs you can burn data to them.

How to burn a CD or DVD?

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