Could The Soap Brookside Be Returning?

We all remember Brookside and its amazing and controversial episodes, the show was first aired when channel 4 launched on the 2nd November 1982. It was conceived by Phil Redmond, who also devised Grange Hill (1978-2008) and Hollyoaks (1995-present).

Brookside shot to fame when it blended in with other soaps such as Eastenders and Coronation Street; the storylines were very gritty and realistic. The show made a lot of controversy by being one of the first to air a lesbian kiss scenes. It was very successful in its prime time slots.

But then things went wrong, the show heavily relied on the same story lines week after week and month after month, there was no real life issues being brought forward only explosions after explosions. The whole cast were at wits end because the show only seemed to show the more popular characters. From then on the show started losing viewership and Channel 4 kept on moving it’s from its time slots to make space available for sport matches and the newly launched Big Brother mode.

It was then announced that the show would only be airing on Saturdays, which then eventually got scrapped after viewers fell below the half a million mark.

But things are not all doom and gloom, the show has been rumoured to maybe try to re launch itself as the whole close has just been bought in auction for 735,000. The property comprises a cul-de-sac of 13 houses. Most of them have a garden and front porch.

Although the program did end in 2003, Mersey TV hung on to the close for around 2 years, before the company and houses that came along with it were bought for 40m by All3Media.

It is not yet known what the buyer will do with them or his ideas, but I can tell you now that if he decides to decorate the close and re launch the show then he could possibly have a goldmine on his hands. The show already has or had a good following base, so it’s not like you would be starting from scratch. Whatever happens I am certain the investor has made a great and rewarding purchase.

I think he has two great choices to earn his money back:

1) Decorate the houses and sell them on individually or rent them out.
2) Re launch Brookside and cash in on the money when the show starts to win awards.

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