Daniel Craig – Veering Away From Other James Bond Actors

Daniel Craig – Veering Away From Other James Bond Actors

Daniel Craig must have been the luckiest actor in the world when he was granted the role of James Bond for the 21st installment of the biggest spy franchise in the history of box office. Before his biggest film role to date, he has already starred in a few smashing movies namely The Power of One, A Kid in King Arthur’s Court, Sharpe’s Eagle, and The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. His breakthrough villainous portrayal in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider opposite Angelina Jolie would probably be the first movie that really cast him as an action star to look out for. After fashioning the suit as the 6th James Bond actor, he has been an A-lister in Hollywood, and as the old saying goes, the rest is history.

Before Being One of the James Bond Actors

Born in England to Olivia Williams and Timothy Craig, being a spy even just off-cam must have been rubbed on to Daniel Craig by his cousin, Joe Craig, who is coincidentally, a spy-thriller novelist. Eventually, the acting bug bit him at a tender age of 16 when he moved to Calday to enter the National Youth Theater. He then continued his acting venture at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and graduated in 1991. He then appeared in several minor roles in movies and television dramas which further honed his depth in acting.

Hollywood producers caught sight of his talent after he starred in another box office hit movie, Tomb Raider, which led to roles in American movies such as Munich, Sword of Honor, and Road to Perdition starring alongside Tom Hanks and Paul Newman.

Life as a James Bond Actor

Although the choice for him to be the next Bond after Pierce Brosnan has been a point of intrigue and debate, other James Bond actors such as Timothy Dalton, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, and Roger Moore publicly rooted their confidence and support for the actor. Even Clive Owen, a British linked to be the 2nd choice for the role, likewise expressed his confidence and esteem in the acting genius of his co-British hotshot.

Daniel Craig has not been new to the challenges of a role as an action hero. Even before officially walking the set as Bond for a 5-movie contract, he professed that was well-oriented on the hurdles that the role would bring him considering the large shoes that he needs to fill.

Knowing the fact that he is already the 6th Bond, it is no wonder that Craig has wanted to veer away from the shadows cast by the his predecessors. Craig reportedly aimed at giving more depth to the fictional character in his stint as a James Bond actor. This attempt was clearly seen in his very divergent performance in Casino Royale. In his first try as Bond, we saw a more mature and less womanizing take on our famous fictional character. Instead of a martini-totting secret agent, we saw a darker and more sinister super agent not to mention him being more kick-ass. On the other hand, his edgy portrayal of the role didn’t at all jeopardized realism as Craig also brought out the human side of Bond without making it look coerced. In Casino Royale, we saw Bond beaten and genuinely hurt by the hurls of his enemies. Another very important observation was that Craig was able to transcend the typical philandering view of Bond. His first movie gave us a glimpse on how this super agent found and lost his first love in Vesper Lynd, an agent of HM Treasury. Craig just took our breathes away as he made a new Bond trademark with his brooding eyes, sharp looks, and more edgy but laid-back style.

His Recent Offering, Quantum of Solace

Now on his 2nd movie as Bond, Daniel Craig has never lost touch of his trademark rough-on-the-edges style of bringing to life this top agent right out of the books of Ian Fleming. With the movie soon to hit all theaters worldwide, everyone looks forward to another taste of his original kick-ass yet humanly possible take on our one guy the world of fiction can never forget. As one of the finest James Bond actors to date, we destined to crave more of Daniel Craig.

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