Sci-fi DVD Movies – The 10 Best Sci-fi Films From

Sci-fi DVD Movies – The 10 Best Sci-fi Films From 1984-1999

I started out to make a list of the best Sci-fi films and to my surprise my list was concentrated in a 16 year time frame. My criteria is simple, was the movie memorable and if I turned on the TV and that movie was playing, would I watch it again. I don’t like ranking movies, I will leave that up to you. These films are listed in order of their original release.

The Terminator (1984)

The film that created a franchise, the best of the Terminator trilogy. A new take on judgment day where the machines judge human kind, and find human kind wanting. Sarah Conner fights for the future against a nearly invincible foe with the help of her future son’s father, sent from the future ,by her future son, to save her (wow). Incredible plot, great action thank you director James Cameron for this fabulous movie.

Starman (1984)

It’s nice to know that not all aliens are not out to enslave us or kill us. Jeff Bridges puts on an amazing performance as an alien that takes the form of a widowed women’s (Karen Allen) husband reading the DNA of some saved hair strands. The alien then learns about humans as they hean to an alien rendezvous point while being chased by the feds. Along the way ,Starman helps us to learn about ourselves and even performs a few miracles. Surprisingly enough this movie was directed by John Carpenter a master director of horror movies.

The Last Starfighter(1984)

The premise of the film, an alien alliance in their search for Starfighter pilots to defend the universe, design a video game that simulates space combat so perfectly that the game can be used to select potential pilots. This is a fun movie with a dose of comedy that is not meant to be taken seriously but it is very entertaining.

Enemy Mine(1985)

Strand a human and an alien combatant on the same planet and throw in a lot of adversity and what do get. Probably not what you would expect, plus the final scene is basically a tear jerker. You will never recognize Lou Gossett Jr in this one.

Star Trek- The Voyage Home(1986)

The best of the Star Trek movies was directed by Mr. Spock(Leonard Nimoy). The intrepid officers of the Enterprise must go back in time to retrieve a Humpback whale to save the earth in the future. There is a lot of fun to be had in watching the Enterprise officers attempt to get things done on present day earth.

Aliens (1986)

I liked the first Movie “Alien” but Aliens was definitely the best of the Alien franchise. I loved the characters in this movie. I loved the Ripley, the sergeant, the lieutenant, the evil company representative, the synthetic man and all the other marines. Combine great characters with a great plot, great cinematography and great special effects and you get a fantastic movie.

Predator (1987)

When you send in a badass special forces team and you lose contact with them what do you do? You send in ex-special forces badass mercenaries to find out what happened to your missing team. The team that was sent to hunt becomes the hunted and are no match for alien technology, but the force is strong with one of them.

Total Recall(1990)

Arnold Schwarzeneggar stars as a man that wants to visit Mars but the only way he can get there is by getting a phony memory of a vacation implanted into his mind by a company named Recall. Once he gets the implant the fun begins, lots of action and intrigue equals lots of entertainment.

Star Ship Troopers(1997)

This movie flew way under the radar when it was first released. Loosely based on the novel by Robert Heinlein, director Paul Verhoeven paints a picture of a militaristic earth government where only veterans have a right to vote, and their fight against the bug planet who have been bombarding the earth with asteroids. This movie is not recommended for kids as the methods of combat employed by the bugs can be quite gruesome. Home of the toughest drill instructor you ever saw.

The Matrix(1999)

The best of the Matrix trilogy is the first movie. This movie blows you away the first time you see it because there is so much originality in it, you never knew what would happen next.

That completes my top 10 Sci-fi list from 1984-1999, be on the lookout for future lists and reviews.

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