Get to Know Your Planet With the National Geographic Channel

Get to Know Your Planet With the National Geographic Channel

With over a century at the forefront of efforts to document and explore the world that surrounds us, the name National Geographic rings a bell in the ears and minds of all who hear it, from school kids to teachers to housewives to businessmen. With as hefty a reputation as an organization like this brings to the table, it’s not surprising to learn that their venture into the world of TV has been a resounding success.

National Geographic Channel is one of the premiere ways to learn about the planet, both in its natural and its social contexts. What they have brought to the screen of cable and satellite TV subscribers the world over is nothing short of their encyclopedic knowledge paired with some of the must cutting edge production units of the moment. Every show on this channel is brimming with valuable information that stimulates the mental growth of young and old alike. Add on to that the fact that many of their award-winning nature programs are shot in HD format-so that things on your end are just as crystal-clear as they were for the film crew-and the result is astounding.

What sets NatGeo apart is its comprehensiveness: anything to do with the world we live in is material apt for National Geographic. They have consistently been ahead of the curve in journalism, history, archaeology, the exact and natural sciences, and a slew of other fields. This means that they offer up something for everybody, which in turn means, it’s a good idea to pay attention to them!

Their channel, available on satellite TV, will impress even the most demanding viewers. You’ll be able to learn about a bit of everything. Get technical with Naked Science, or get scared with Dangerous Encounters, or learn how to train your best friend with Dog Whisperer. These great shows are only the beginning of the fabulous programming you’ll find on NatGeo.

Are you a sports fan? Enjoy competitive mixed martial arts? Watch Fight Science and see scientists discuss and explain the physics behind why those monsters are so effective, in addition to being so strong. See special forces units put to the test and succeed in some truly spectacular tests of physical endurance and dexterity.

Or catch one of the many excellent specials on National Geographic Channel, and acquire a taste for the world-class reporting that its several teams deliver in every report. Discover the gruesome reality Inside Saddam’s Reign of Terror, or see one of modern geology’s biggest finds in Gian Crystal Cave. These specials offer insight and commentary on several of today’s most important issues, all with the scrupulous and meticulous perfection that has come to be expected of National Geographic.

If you are an intellectual and academic beast, or if you are just an average person that wants to know a little bit about a lot of things, you’ve got plenty to learn on this channel. After observing the degree of excellence which every show exudes, you will become an irrecoverable addict. And when you feel like you have just about seen it all, NatGeo will surprise you with something new. Check out their upcoming shows list…it’s pretty long! Lucky us.

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