Happy Days Seventies TV Show

When we talk about happy days seventies TV show, one can immediately get back the great memories of Happy days first telecasted on January 15, 1974. The TV serials are fun filled with the story of teenage life in 1950s. Bringing the nostalgia in the forefront through TV shows was a big business during the seventies.

Originally the story line spun around the comedy situations in the life of two young school students studying at Milwaukee’s Jefferson High in Wisconsin named Richie Cunningham and Postie Weber. Ron Howard played the prime role of Richie. Those who have watched the TV have never forgotten the music scores of Happy Days by Gimbel-Fox and Rock around the clock by Bill Haley & associates. The people who tirelessly worked for the great TV show were the stars of the legendary period 1950s and 1960s. It had been the number one program among that period considering the viewer ratings and appreciation. It has changed a lot from the premier show as it went on attracting the whole country at the time.

The serial continued without much change on casts until Howard announced his leaving from the team, by that time story was twisted to tell that Richie is leaving to join Army. The actor’s popularity has grown high and the Happy days seventies TV show had turned out to be an institution by this time and it has reached a level in which Fronzie’s leather jacket was put on a shrine in Smithsonian Institution for the admirer’s to view.

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