Independent Short Films and Pixar Animated Short Films

Independent short films may be categorized in categories such as video art, film poem, narrative and music. Here are some examples;

1. Insect Clutched Stick by Garth Simmons (video art)
2. Transit by Little Song Films (film poem)
3. The End by Remy Marlot (narrative)
4. For Love by Olivia Louvel (music)

Some independent short films express the poetics of the moving image. In fact, here is a quote for independent short films; ‘the mechanism that produces cinematic images is, among all forms of human expression, that which most closely resembles the mechanism of the human mind in the way it works, or better yet, that which best imitates the workings of the mind during sleep. A film is like an involuntary imitation of a dream.

Animated short films are very interesting to watch, and pixar short films are some of the best. Here is how pixar short films make these animated short films.

1. Pitching of a story idea
2. Writing of the text treatment
3. Drawing of story boards
4. Recording of voice talents
5. Reel making by the editors
6. Creating of look and feel by the art department
7. Sculpting and articulation of models
8. Dressing of sets
9. Laying out of shots
10. Animation of the shot
11. Shading of sets and characters
12. Lighting for the sets and characters
13. Rendering of computer data
14. Addition of final touches

In fact, pixar short films undergo four stages; development, pre-production, production and post production. The story line is created during development. Technical challenges are addressed during pre-production. The actual animated short films are made during production and post production is where the final polishes are put on.

Some feature films from Pixar are Cars, Ratatouille, Wall and Up. Some short films are Lifted, One Man Band, Geri’s Game, Presto and Boundin’.

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