Terminator Salvation – Judgement Day For the Franchise?

Anticipation is growing fast for the new Terminator film, which is no small feat considering the bashing the awful third film got from critics and fans alike. The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series seems to have won back some favour for the franchise, but it is the trailers for this new entry that have really made audiences take notice. With a strong cast, a director that is more than used to action set pieces, and what promises to be a thrilling story, it does seem that Terminator Salvation will bring the Terminator franchise roaring back into the limelight in a big way.

The slightly retro design of the Endoskeletons we’ve seen so far hints that someone in the production office has been reading some steampunk. The gleaming metal of yore is nowhere to be seen- instead we have a dark, bronzed batch of Terminators to contend with, along with a veritable arsenal of huge robots, Hunter Killers and more besides. Fans of Mecha and cyberpunk tech are going to be in for a treat this time around- this new film is certainly no retread of Terminator 2, as Rise of the Machines really was. This is to be praised, as another one like that would have really been the death knell for the series.

As it is, fans all over the world are looking forward to this new installment, even though many still have their doubts due to it being directed by McG, who, let’s face it, hasn’t been known much for his subtlety or directorial gravitas. Hopefully this is where he will prove himself to the doubters. The cast, led by Christian Bale as John Connor, is a very powerful ensemble that raised a few surprised eyebrows when it was announced. Then came the teaser, the promo images and finally that glorious trailer that has blown away further worries about the film itself. Granted, a trailer is just a trailer, but at least the tone of the thing looks spot on. We could still be in for a terrible film plot-wise, but I am doubting that more every time a new image or snippet of information is released.

It appears that the Terminator franchise is being taken seriously as a viable science fiction property again. The SF element has been raised to the maximum for this prospective new trilogy, and I hope we get to see all three new films receive the same level of attention to detail and respect for the source material. The story, that of a future gone awry and John Connor trying to get it back on track so he can topple Skynet (and send his own father back in time to, well, become his father in the first place).

It is going to be very interesting for long-term fans and newcomers who have found the series through the TV show or DVDs of earlier films, to see how this new vision of the Terminator universe is handled. The sea of new Terminator merchandise will begin in earnest, the fans will hopefully rejoice as their beloved series gets back to its roots, and at long last we can experience the genuine Terminator story, glimpsed so often in the original three films.

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