The Discovery Channel – Shows You Can’t Miss

The Discovery Channel is satellite TV’s treasure trove. While much of what you’ll find on the tube can be rather mind numbing, there is certainly a no doubt that the Discovery Channel stands out above the rest for its informative, high quality productions. Let’s face it, where else can learn about dinosaurs, desert survival, ghosts, how candy bars are made, sports, secret clans and ancient fighting techniques? The sheer variety on offer is incredible and the quality is definitely first rate. If you don’t have Discovery yet, call your local satellite TV company and get hooked up. Here are some shows you cannot miss out. Who knows, it could save your life.

Les Stroud battles it out with nature in this show about surviving in the wilderness. This man knows his way in and out of any sticky situation. He will haul fifty pounds of camera gear while traveling for one week in South Africa in 100-degree weather. He’ll sled across Alaska with nothing more than his wits and some duct tape. He’ll catch his own food and steer clear of black mambas and deadly spiders.

Deadliest Catch
Life on board an Alaskan crab boat can be tough, just ask the crew of the Deadliest Catch. They have to contend with rough, choppy, waters, huge storms, cold seas, and themselves. Crab fishing is actually one dangerous job. Many people drown. Others get injured. You have to contend with short tempers and exhaustion. Exciting stuff. Catch the show in HD.

A Haunting
This show, something of a departure from Discovery’s general scientific, outdoorsy themes, takes a look at real life hauntings. Each week you’ll get a glimpse into the terrifying world of spirits and demons. The people who were actually there tell these stories. It is truly hair raising. Often times, cases are left unresolved-the ghosts stay but the families move out. Who knows what’s lurking in your own home.

Dirty Job
And you thought your job was awful. This show gets behind the world’s dirtiest, most unappetizing jobs. Follow host Mike Rowe as he gives it a go himself. He tries his hand at cleaning sludge, making bologna, inspecting sewers, mining salt, and farming ostriches, among other things. Think you could handle it? It’s not NFL Sunday Ticket, that’s for sure.

Destroyed in Seconds
This show is stunning. You get to watch destruction after fantastic destruction. Host Ron Pitts walks us through some of the most horrifying accidents caught on tape; we also get to hear the stories of the few lucky ones who walked away virtually unscathed. If you can’t get enough of the incredible spectacle of sheer destruction, this show is definitely something you cannot miss. In each episode, you’ll see explosions, rampaging tornadoes, terrorist attacks, massive storms, mid air collisions, and much, much more. There’s nothing too trivial for this show.

Remember you can catch all these shows and more on the Discovery Channel, via your satellite TV provider. Don’t forget to watch Discovery’s partner networks too: Animal Planet, HD Theater, TLC, The Science Channel, Discovery Health and Military Channel.

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