The Advantages of HD

One of the best advantages of satellite TV, such as offered by satellite service providers, is that of HD (High Definition) Television. Most Americans have only experienced analog broadcasts and have no idea what TV and movies are supposed to look like. Even if you have a big screen TV, if you do not have HD then you are watching a large picture of low quality. Analog broadcasts on big screen TVs are degraded because of the massive screen size (which does present more detail) and the lower resolution. It’s comparable to watching Internet footage on a low speed DSL connection.

On the other hand, high-resolution TV sets offer a superbly clear and detailed picture on a set of practically any size. When you combine this superior technology with a bigger and wider screen you get movie quality entertainment right in your living room. Some high-resolution screens are now available in resolutions as high 1080i, which refers to vertical resolution and interlaced scan. The lines of resolution will determine the detail of the images you see, not the size of the screen. The scan is the way in which the TV set displays the lines of resolution in order to create a moving image. All of this means that the most expensive TV sets give you clearer pictures, more vivid colors, superior sound quality, interlaced or progressive scanning and a wider viewing screen.

However, you should know that a high-resolution TV set is only as exciting as its content. Blu-Ray discs are too expensive to buy every day, so what do you do for programming in between spending splurge days? You subscribe to a satellite television service, which offers constant HD programming across 100 channels, including educational channels, Pay-Per-View channels and premium channels. Major satellite service providers offer packages that are family-friendly (with HD channels like Disney, National Geographic, Nick, Toon Disney and The Science Channel, as well as regular networks) as well as a Premiere HD package, which offers premium television like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and Starz.

Viewers get to decide if they want 720p or 1080p resolution. 1080p obviously offers a much more powerful resolution which will complement larger than life programming like movies or nature shows. You can use either a plasma screen or an LCD screen for the maximum movie experience-even if you’re just watching another episode of CSI.

Last but certainly not least, satellite HD programming brings you the very best in sports not only with exclusive HD networks but also with customized package plans that give you sports highlights and full programs on demand, in beautiful HD TV. This is ideal if you ever want to invite a group of friends over. In this day and age, how can you offer anything less than a big screen TV with HD quality content? There’s always one friend in every group that has the biggest and best features. This time, it might as well be you!

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