Online DVD Rental – Competing With In-Store Exchanges

Blockbuster’s name in online DVD rental is often second to the industry leader Netflix. Blockbuster joined the online DVD rental industry years after Netflix. This left Blockbuster to play catch up. The one advantage that Blockbuster used to gain market share was their thousands of in town locations. They began offering in-store exchanges of DVDs with their online DVD rental program. This is something that Netflix could never compete with. Consumers could now choose from not only DVDs through the mail but using their local store for exchanges.

This was ideal for holidays and days when you didn’t receive any new movies to watch. Also, stores were open on the weekends, and DVDs through the mail were mailed only on weekdays. It provides a way out of the title you forgot to send back or a movie you really don’t like.

Netflix began fighting back this competitive angle of Blockbuster with streaming content direct to your computer. Netflix now offers 20,000 different titles for consumers to choose from and there are sent direct to their computers for viewing.

The idea of online DVD rental is based is the idea of entertainment delivered direct to your home. You never have to leave the house because your entertainment comes to you. The idea that you can get streamed content direct to your computer is much more powerful than in store exchanges for three reasons. First, the content you are allowed in unlimited all plans except the low cost plan that allows only two hours. Secondly, the total number offerings are excess of 20,000 titles. This is often larger than the average DVD rental store. This number will only continue to grow. It will grow as the demand for this type of entertainment increases from consumers. Third is the fact that the need for movie watching is filled immediately. The satisfaction is within seconds of you booting your computer. You do not need to leave the house and go to the store.

The idea of the difficult for those of us that are not computer inclined exists, but what are you doing if you are renting DVDs online to begin with. You need a computer and some basic skills to join an online DVD rental program in the first place. So the next step is watching selections online. Furthermore, this might just be the beginning of other forms of entertainment from the internet besides YouTube and surfing.

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