Satellite TV Makes Viewing Classic Movies in High Definition a

Satellite TV Makes Viewing Classic Movies in High Definition a Pleasure

Almost everyone can fondly recall memories from childhood of watching Dorothy skip down the yellow brick road in The Wizard of Oz. Classic movies pioneered and set the industry standards for viewing and enjoying the movies of today. With the help of advancements in technology, classic movies such as The Wizard of Oz are more vibrant and detailed than ever before. The use of high definition broadcasting makes the yellow brick road dazzle in the sunlight, the Wicked Witch of the West more horrifying and scary, and the soundtrack sound as though it were being played by a live orchestra. Digital remastering of classic movies has given a new dimension of life to some of the cinemas greatest works as they continue to win the hearts of audiences.

Satellite TV broadcasts some of the industry’s most famous and beloved works on specific channels all day every day with limited to no commercial interruptions. The Turner Classics Movie Channel (or TCM) only broadcasts classic movies that have been loved by generations of moviegoers. TCM deals mostly with movies produced by Turner Entertainment or Warner Brothers, which includes MGM, RKO, United Artists, and Warner Bros. films. Another popular channel for viewing classic movies is the American Movie Channel or AMC, but movies are often interrupted by commercial breaks. TCM holds commercials for between movies and offers marathons of movies starring a particular actor or director. Other mainstream channels also offer classic movies, but usually only on special occasions, such It’s a Wonderful Life on Christmas or The Wizard of Oz on New Years.

Watching cinematic masterpieces such as Citizen Cane on a high definition television gives the movie a whole new atmosphere. Citizen Cane was revolutionary at its time of release for its lighting, unique camera angles, and use of transitions between shots. This black and white picture has maintained its cinematic importance throughout film history as students and film critiques continue to use it as a standard of excellence. On high definition television, viewers are exposed to the subtle nuances of filmmaking. Other black and white films such as A Philadelphia Story also become more vivid with digital remastering as the smaller details of sets and costumes are more easily visible. Colored pictures are more vivid and lively as well, for example, Scarlet O’Hara’s ball gowns and costumes dazzle with the use of digital remastering.

By updating viewing technology, studios make modern audiences more inclined to watch classic movies. In an era filled with special effects and visual manipulation, the techniques used in classic movies may appear antiquated or silly to the modern viewer. HD television is capable of making the viewer feel as though he is part of a movie or scene on the screen. Children watching Mary Poppins for the first time will feel as though they are joining the characters on the screen for a tea party on the ceiling or running across roof tops with chimney sweeps. Classic movies are capable of evoking the same effect on audiences as the modern day special effect features.

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