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Ever since the first character from the Marvel comic books was made into a movie we have always anticipated for more characters to be made into blockbuster movies. The first movie that was released under the marvel banner was in 1989. The Movie businesses growth has in turn brought out more Marvel movies superheroes who have now became bigger than life superstars.

The Punisher was the first of Stan Lee’s superhero characters to be made into an action movie. Though the movie wasn’t a blockbuster then, it showed however that lots of people had been waiting for their childhood superhero characters to come into and feature in Marvel movies. The next superhero was Spiderman who many people wanted to see because he actually portrayed a real look to how a zero can go to a hero. Next came the hulk and then after a very long sabbatical the Marvel comics remade some of their oldies such as the Punisher, Hulk and Spiderman which the second time around drew more people into the cinema halls especially since the new age of visual affects had come into play.

Not forgetting the other superheroes that came into play which included Marvel comic heroes such as Blade, X-men, Ghost Rider, Daredevil, the Fantastic Four and now new superheroes like the Iron man as well as Electra and many other marvel characters who will soon be created into blockbuster movies. You can always buy this Marvel movies which have now been made to fit your TV screen in the form of DVD and with more Marvel Superheroes making the leap from the comic books into the movie screens you get to not only read about your action heroes exploits but to experience them on big screen as well as in your home.

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