Journey to the Center of the Earth

A review of Journey to the Center of the Earth from a Christian perspective. Journey to the Center of the Earth was an AWESOME action packed PG film for the entire family. I had the privilege of seeing it in 3D. I had not seen a 3D movie for quite some time I was pleasantly surprised.

Note: This movie would be great without the 3D affects.

OK, let me give you the low down…

Trevor is a man who lost his brother (Max) through mysterious events several years ago. He has taken on the task of being an influence in his nephew, Sean’s life for a few days. During this time, they discover what “really” happened to Max.

Through a series of comical and edge of your seat moments Trevor, Sean and their pretty guide, Hannah journey to the center of the earth and back. The story has drama, comedy, action, romance and excitement. There is a strong sense of family. Trevor and Sean are there for each other in a way that inspires you.

This is a great family movie and I highly recommend it. There is no bad language, drugs, alcohol, or sex. However, there IS some violence and peril that may not be suitable for younger views. Dinosaurs and creatures that can cause nightmares for little ones. However, older children and teenagers are sure to love this movie, as well as their parents!

Journey to the Center of the Earth is a 4 out of 4 star movie in my book!

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