Theatrical Thrillers – The Most Terrifying Movie Characters For Your

Theatrical Thrillers – The Most Terrifying Movie Characters For Your Halloween Marathon!

Now that the Halloween season is just around the corner, a lot of Halloween fanatics will find their own versions of fun. The party-going ghouls will probably get themselves into a bloodthirsty frenzy by going to the most happening parties in town. The little terrors will probably be busy trick or treating and lovers of the music of the night will definitely be at their local gothic rock or chamber music concerts. But what is left for the video loving vamp and the film-loving freaks to do? Why go on a movie marathon of course!

But connoisseurs of the dark art such as yourself can’t just go around watching any run off the mill movie villain from any run off the mill movie. You deserve only the best and the scariest to fill your nights with thrills and chills. And guess what, you’re in luck! Because here are a few of the most frightening horror movie characters to stalk the shadows of every movie marathon:

- Michael Myers: What better way to kick of Halloween than with the man who starred in the aptly titled movie himself? If being locked in a mental asylum for murdering your older sister isn’t bad enough, wearing that evil mask, breaking out of it and engaging in new and ever bloodier killing sprees should certainly do it. This remorseless and brutal character is a definite fixture in movie marathons of every season.

- Reagan MacNeil/Pazuzu: Which horror movie character has elicited more screams, disturbed more old-timers and broken more records than the possessed Regan MacNeil in the movie ‘The Exorcist’. Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of it is the innocence of Linda Blair’s most famous character ever tainted with the evil of the demon Pazuzu.

- Norman Bates: Nothing is more frightening than an evil character that you can so easily mistake for a normal guy or gal. And that’s exactly what you get with Alfred Hitchcock’s pet character in the movie ‘Psycho’. You would actually think that Norman Bates was a likable character until you discover that he is a homicidal maniac that took over his mother’s persona. Now that is freaky.

These are only a few of the many great movie monsters that have terrified their way into movie marathon immortality. So if you want your Halloween full of devilishly good movie characters, view the entire list at:

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