Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Still Captivating Children

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a film adaptation of a fairy tale as told by the Brothers Grimm. In 1934, Walt Disney decided to make his first full feature animated film and chose Snow White as the story. Billed as Disney’s folly by many no one thought the film would have much if any success. Over seventy years later Snow White is still captivating little girls everywhere.

It is a tale of a beautiful young girl who is hated for her beauty by her evil stepmother. Driven to rage by the magical mirrors declaration that Snow White is more beautiful than she, her stepmother sends her stepdaughter into the woods to be killed by a hunter. Upon arriving in the woods, the hunter raises his knife only to find he does not have the heart to do it. He sends Snow White off and kills a boar instead to prove to the stepmother that he had done the deed. We all know the story from there she moves in with the seven dwarfs and cares for them in exchange for her room and board.

The adventures of Snow White are captivating to many her beauty and sweet demeanor that inspires the love of the handsome prince is a fairy tale all young girls long to live. The thought of being rescued by the dashing man of your dreams dances through every little girl’s heart and mind. Not to mention that at one time or another daughter often find their mothers in the role of an “evil step-mother” not literally of course but the conflict is inevitably there in the best mother daughter relationship.

Therefore, Snow White and her merry band of dwarf rescuers will enchant yet another generation of young women. She will dance and sing her way into their hearts and allow them to dream of their own happily ever after.

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