How to Transfer DVD Movies to a Zune Media Player

How to Transfer DVD Movies to a Zune Media Player – Convert DVD to Zune

If you own a Microsoft Zune Media Player then you probably want to know how you can watch all your favorite DVD Movies On Your Zune. The idea of being able to watch a movie while you’re sitting on the train, riding on the bus, or maybe waiting for doctors appointment just seems too good to resist. However transferring DVD’s and other video files onto the Zune is no easy task and you are going to need some help as Microsoft doesn’t provide any utilities to transfer movies onto the Zune. So in this article I am going to quickly show you how you can Convert DVD to Zune using a common 3 step process, or if you aren’t that tech savvy, then I will also show you an easy one step process where you can put DVD’s onto your Zune at the click of a button.

I’ve had A Zune player for a fair while now and whenever I’m out watching a Movie on my Zune, someone always seems to come up to me and ask “How do you Put Movies on the Zune”. Well here it is for everyone out there who wishes to convert “DVD to Zune”. Because Microsoft doesn’t provide any programs or utilities to rip DVD’s onto your Zune you have to do it yourself. So in order to transfer DVDs to Zune you will have to convert the DVD into the Zune Video format, which is either the mpeg-4 or WMV Video Format. There are many programs available these days that can get the job done quickly and efficiently, all at the click of a button and they are very easy to use. On the other hand if you have a fair bit of computer knowledge you can attempt the infamous 3-step conversion process yourself, however I must warn you it can become quite tedious and time consuming to upload multiple videos using the method.

To convert DVDs to Zune by yourself you would first have to decrypt your DVD onto your hard drive. You will have to obtain a program that allows you to perform this activity; some are free while others cost a fair bit. Once you have decrypted the DVD onto your hard drive you will then have to convert it into the AVI video format. To do this you will have to obtain another program that can convert files into AVI format. When you have the DVD converted into AVI format your job is almost done, all you gotta do next is convert the AVI file into MP4 Format (again you need a program to do this) and then you can upload it onto your Zune Player.

That is the 3-step process and if you are looking for a way to transfer DVDs to your Zune by yourself then that is the way to go, however as I told you before it is quite a lengthy procedure and it can get quite annoying if you have to transfer a lot of Movies onto Your Zune. To make things easier and quicker you could obtain a good DVD to Zune Converter program and complete the whole process in one single easy step.

These programs are able to convert almost any type of movie file into to Zune Video Format, so no matter where you downloaded your video from ( YouTube, Lime Wire etc.) it will be able to put it on your Zune. The best part is that most programs offer a free download, so you are able to transfer DVDs onto your Zune easily using one program, rather than having to obtain 3 different programs if you are attempting the 3-step process.

Once you have converted the DVD to Zune Format using a DVD converter, all you have to do next is upload the video onto your Zune and you’re ready to go. So if you were wondering How to Convert DVD movies to Zune then all you need to do is attempt the 3-step conversion process or obtain a good DVD to Zune Video Converter program and you should be able to transfer DVD’s to Zune in a matter of minutes.

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