UPS Pilot is Award Winning Independent Filmmaker

When he’s not wearing brown and flying back and forth across the country, Dewayne Rudd is filming documentaries. Rudd, a pilot for the United Parcel Service (UPS), has made several documentaries on subjects ranging from veterans suffering from Alzheimer’s disease to a young boy’s exploration of NASA to an American singing group’s tour of China.

“My passion is to show the great humanitarian projects people are doing and to bring inspiration to others,” said Rudd. “There are thousands who make part of their life mission helping others. We want to shine a light on their great work.”

Rudd’s work has been chosen to be included in several film festivals, both in the United States and abroad. His film “Friends in Discovery” was recently chosen by the International Film Festival in Egypt for 2009.

“Friends in Discovery” is the story of 10 year-old Conner and his father as they explore the history of the space program. The film gives audiences Connor’s perspective and includes exciting archival footage of significant successes in NASA’s exploration of space.

“I wanted to provide a film that would ignite the scientific curiosity of our children and be an inspirational story for all ages,” says Rudd.

Another of Dewayne Rudd’s films “Into the Way of Peace,” follows the Americana Music Group during their two week tour of China. Americana performs a variety of music, from the classics to contemporary pop, for thousands of Chinese students. The film also includes traditional Chinese music from 1,300 years ago performed by Chinese scholar-musicians.
“Into the Way of Peace” proves there is one world, shared; one race, human; and one way, peace.

More personal, Rudd chronicled the story of WWII and Korean War veterans in his “They Are Still There,” a documentary about those veterans now struggling with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The Korean War veteran was Rudd’s own father.

“‘They Are Still There’ declares the spirit of loved ones with dementia still survives, and they still deserve our love,” says Rudd.

The three films can be downloaded for viewing on Rudd’s website

Bunnie Riedel

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