The Many Faces of Johnny Depp

Upon looking at the recent Johnny Depp SWEENEY TODD performance it is safe to say Depp has worn many odd faces in his acting career. Really, a Johnny Depp Myspace layout would possess some very unique Johnny Depp pictures!

Without a doubt, Johnny Depp has had a very unique and storied career. Part of the reason for this is he has made a career out of playing odd and offbeat characters. While many actors opt to play it safe, Johnny Depp took many chances with his selection of acting roles. Granted, there were a few misses in his choices but he also experienced colossal hits. Really, there are very few actors who can point to having a career as unique and successful as Johnny Depp.

21 Jump Street

Johnny Depp first gained the public’s attention with his performance on the 1980′s Fox television series 21 JUMP STREET. The theme of the series centered on cops going undercover in High School settings and it was a fairly decent series. However, it was Depp’s performance that truly made the show. He added a unique sense of depth to his character that was seldom seen on television during the era. However, it did not make him a huge star as his career did not exactly skyrocket after the program went off the air. Thankfully, the roles he was offered were incredibly memorable. These unique roles were what started the ball rolling towards Depp’s eventual superstardom.

Edward Scissorhands

The first role he accepted would set the stage for his future career. It was, of course, the role of the title character in EDWARD SCISSORHANDS. This bizarre film was essentially a re-imagining of the Frankenstein mythos with the title “creature” portrayed in a sympathetic light. Depp’s performance was nothing short of amazing and it struck a nerve with audiences.

Johnny Depp’s A list Hollywood productions

This should have propelled Johnny Depp movies to the top of A-list Hollywood productions. However, he opted to perform in smaller budgeted Johnny Depp pictures that involved complex characters. While films such as BENNIE AND JUNE and WHAT’S EATING GILBERT GRAPE achieved significant critical acclaim they were not major hits. Many had high (box office) hopes for Depp’s highly hyped studio film ED WOOD but it was a dismal box office performer. Yes, Depp’s performance was outstanding but it did not translate into selling tickets. It would seem Depp’s promising career was over. Of course, we now know it was just beginning of many memorable Johnny Depp movies.

While his major studio box office performances were hits and misses, Depp appeared in a number of smaller films where he continued to establish himself as a fantastic character actor. Like the legendary James Cagney, Depp proved that he could play ANY role and play it well. That is why he was tapped to play the lead in DONNY BRASCO which gave him a new box office hit. There was newfound confidence in Depp from the studios which felt he was the man to call when an offbeat role needed a viable performer. It was this great acting ability that gave studios the confidence to offer character roles in major productions such as CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY and, of course, the hugely successful PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN series. Would they have been as successful without Depp? Possibly. Would they have been as memorable without him? No way!

Johnny Depp brings a unique approach to his roles and this shines through. All of his performances are unique, original, and memorable. This has paid huge dividends as it establishes him as a major star.

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