Heidi Klum Guitar Hero Commercial

So the Guitar Hero World Tour sponsored by Activision is really about to make a major move here soon. A lot of people aren’t yet familiar with the Heidi Klum Guitar Hero story so let us clarify things right here. Activision is going all out on these series of commercials bringing on some of the top celebrities in the October 26th release of Guitar Hero: World Tour. A lot of people will like this show since many celebrities will be running around in their underwear. These commercials came about to help bring out the rock star in us all.

Commercials featuring actors and models are becoming especially popular among the video game industry lately. Some people think that the Heidi Klum Guitar Hero in real life wouldn’t sit well, but Heido doing this in a commercial could land her some larger contracts later and really boost her career. The adverts we’ve seen on video seem to have the Risky Business persona. Okay, we’ll get those records off the shelf, we’re in the video age now.

Yes we watched the entire Heidi Klum Guitar Hero Commercial and I must say we enjoyed viewing it which is why we kept in on our website. The commercial was only 38 seconds, but that’s all we needed to hear. At the end of the commercial Heidi Klum was squirming all over the couch with the guitar in her hand. Yes it’s obvious she couldn’t probably play a guitar in real life, but who cares? It’s the commercial itself we liked. And watching the Heidi Klum Guitar Hero Commercial was a breath of fresh air.

Now for our thoughts. Heidi you did a terrific job on the commercial. You were exciting and got peoples attention. I couldn’t sit in a bar and listen to you play guitar for a few hours, but it did get us interested in the Guitar Hero World Tour. And all B.S. aside, I think they should consider Heidi in other commercials down the road. Her Risky Business might just get her an Oscar someday. If you could get us on a commercial someday let us know.

Listen to the Heidi Klum Guitar Hero Commercial presented by Brian Garvin and Jeff West at Hot Topic Review Kings today.

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