How To Put Music On The PSP

Lets face it people, if you dont own a digital music player you are more than a little out of touch with society and popular society in particular. Everyone seems to have their entire music collections stored on a small device that can fit in your pocket, so what are you doing still carrying around your Walkman? If the problem is that you cant spend any extra in addition to your PlayStation Portable then let me let you in on a little secret that could change your life the PSP can play MP3s! Follow a few easy steps and you too will be able to learn how to put music on the PSP.

Begin by getting your CDs moved to your computers hard drive. This is quite simple if you have Windows Media installed on your computer, just insert the disc into the PC and click on the button that is titled rip. This puts the tracks on your hard drive and makes it possible for you to move on to the second stage of the transfer process. In addition you can also search the internet for a suitable free CD ripper, one that will convert your CDs to the MP3 format.

It is very important that you purchase the right USB cable to hook your PSP up to your PC so you can begin to transfer the files from one to the other. Once the cords are connected you only have to click on the home and X buttons to bring up the option to connect with the USB Device.

Once you have connected the PSP to the PC then you need to copy the audio files in the MUSIC folder, which resides in the PSP folder on your computer and begin transferring (or copying and pasting) mp3 files to that area. Once you are done all you have to do is press the O button to get ready to enjoy all of the music that you transferred.

Thats how easy it is to put music on the PSP. Make sure that you have some sort of categorization or sorting process in place so you can tell what you are choosing to listen to when the time comes to do a little easy listening. Does it really get much easier than that?

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