What Was The Most Watched Film In History

What is the most watched film in history? This film has been seen by over five billion people. The surprising fact is that there are no major stares, no sex scenes, some violence that is necessary to the integral plot of this film. It is not only the most watched film, it is also the most translated film It was translated into 1,000 languages and dialects.

This film was made in 1979 and shot on location in the holy land with a white British actor Brian Deacon, who happens to be a Shakespearean actor. The answer is going to shock most people. It is “Jesus”, better known as the Jesus film.

It started out because of an Evangelized American organization called Campus Crusade which was funded by private donations.One of the main goals of this organization is to have it translated into every known language.

Another goal of this organization is to send videocassettes to Iraq. They have produced a short film that highlights the similarities between Christianity and Islam. Because Jesus is in the Koran, the films director, Andi Hunt,says the purpose was to create context for the story of Jesus. It has already been shown in a northern town in Egypt that is stickily Islamic.

The JESUS Film Project penetrates the most remote, dangerous places on earth through a massive logistical operation involving hundreds of staff and volunteers who tote generators, makeshift screens, and portable projectors to film showings, often to people who have never heard of Jesus and some who have never seen a film or TV.

Some people believe that this film is just another way of trying to convert other religions into Christianity, They say that this will cause strife and rebellion. Then their are others that gladly accept the idea that bring the gospel to people who would have never heard of it, is a good thing.

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