Celebrity — Fan For Life

The dictionary meaning of Celebrity is the state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed. Now the issue is what are the characteristics that makes a person Celebrity. There are numerous but the most important is the interest shown by the Media and the Public. The interest shown by the Media and the Public towards a person transforms that person into a CELEBRITY. It is important to note that there are some professional activities that guarantees that you are a Celebrity once you enter that profession and reach certain level. Professions like films, Modeling, Politics, Sports, Music etc guarantees that you have gained the Celebrity stature. I believe in todays world of extensive Media exposure, one can find a Celebrity in almost any Field no matter how low statured it is.

The whole definition of a Celebrity has undergone a great transformation over the years. In the past, it took years of hard work and accomplishments to be recognized as a celebrity but these days it just takes few steps to reach that Pedestal. For gaining a celebrity stature these days, you just have to make sure that your picture is taken by appropriate tabloid, you have some kind of relationship with some celebrity which gets constant media attention etc. Like that there are numerous other methods of achieving instant Celebrity Status.

The idea is not that we have a complete saturation of celebrities but the whole concept of a celebrity has changed over the time and the difference between them and us is narrowing down.

According to a recent British survey, it is found that more than one in six teens believe that they will become famous and more than one in 10 would drop out of school to be on TV. Now, an interesting Question is why do people Aspire to be a Celebrity? Why we spend hours trying to figure out even the most trivial details about the Celebrities we adore? If we analyze ourselves, arent we trying to see the world as they want us to see. There are certain decisions in our life that are influenced by the celebrities we admire. It could be a very small decision of buying some product or could be a non-trivial one. Is it because of some basic Human trait or is it the result of Karan Johars theory of Feel Good Effect?

There could be numerous explanations to the above open-ended queries, however, I am ending this discussion here.

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