From Shirtless Teen Idols to Just Plain Idols

Before male icons became their well-known adult celebrity selves, these charming men had to have started off somewhere. While most male adult icons only became celebrities in their prime, some are fortunate enough to become celebrities while still in their teens. Countless teenage girls swoon upon the sights of these young matinee stars only to return to the reality that these young and famous stars are hardly single. But since imaginations and dreams are beyond the reach of the law, shirtless teen idols often fill the minds of numerous teenagers all across the state.

But the reality is that teen idols would not remain as teens, nor is there any assurance that they would keep the celebrity status as they get older, much to the chagrin and disbelief of adolescent fans. Granted, these talented individuals have the complete package – looks, talent and the right people to make it known and remembered. But the problem lies in one undeniable occurrence that although everybody dislikes, still happens anyway – aging. As much as fans would believe otherwise, it is true that even celebrities grow up. We all know of some celebrity teen radically becoming someone or even sometimes, something entirely different from what they previously were as teen celebrities.

There are several reasons suggested to have caused this. It could be that the new fame and lifestyle attached to becoming rich and popular caused the real self of the celebrity to emerge from its hiatus. Once comfortable performing as shirtless teen idols, now they claim it’s improper and unbecoming for their image and reputation. There are times when the idol publicly expresses his sentiment of getting tired of doing something, and then realizing his calling in another activity. It is common to find actors getting fame through acting, then quickly deciding to rap instead. Or, singers rising quickly to celebrity status, then using that attention to get them acting jobs. These situations almost always find conclusion in downfall. Unless a teen idol realizes and identifies his real skills and talents, he should not depart from the qualities that brought him stardom.

Looking past the apparent, the reason is just plain growing up. There are instances when the teen idol only looks good during his teens. A young celebrity solely relying on his boyish looks may not have anything else to offer once the boyish good looks fade into the past. Shirtless teen idols getting attention in the past may not be as effective when they legally past the bracket the effective age of teenagers. Case in point is when an actress pulls of an antic befitting a teen star. While the public may find amusing the pranks of a young teen idol, scrutiny ensues when dealing with mature actors and actresses.

Just as everything new at sometime loses novelty, so do teen idols lose the security of being famous and well-loved. Just as how fans cherish, love and worship their admired idols, that is not a guarantee that they would continue to cherish that affection in the years to come. Though people claim that celebrity status comes naturally to some people, retaining that standing is another matter. Teen idols should learn how to adjust and adapt to remain as a celebrity, even in their mature years.

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