Without Casino Royale, the Bond Franchise Would Be No More

Without Casino Royale, the Bond Franchise Would Be No More

Casino Royale was a film that received very mixed reviews. Among them are people saying the Bond franchise is ruined because there have been changes to the character of Bond, along with missing high-tech gadgets that were the staple of Bond movies. Some so-called die-hard fans claimed to very disappointed with the movie, and whatever new movies that may come. Among those criticisms, it is not hard to find that some viewers really hate the idea of Daniel Craig being cast as Bond himself. They feel that Craig does not fit the role of the secret5 agent as well as his previous “seniors”.

These critics fail to see something: that the Bond franchise is going to be very predictable, and perhaps boring as well, with decades of movies seeing Bond save the world. As this goes on, it is going to bore the audiences, especially young ones who have not seen the older Bond movies. Going on a definite down slope is not a bright idea for any movie franchise, especially the Bond franchise that is so well-loved and respected. Therefore, something ought to be changed. The movie makers decided to zoom in on the character of Bond, and take away several of his gadgets as well, to show us how Bond is really like, and that he was competent as an agent even without this high-tech gadgets.

Therefore, the starring of Daniel Craig as Bond, and the release of Casino Royale is a great move. It is equal to say that “We are going to stop this old nonsense, and let the viewers see Bond as they have never seen before.” Instead of saying that Casino Royale ruined the franchise, it would be more accurate to say that it saved the franchise.

Since Casino Royale shows the start of James Bond, it would be good to see that he was not as cool as he was in the older Bond movies that ought to take place years after. Therefore, Casino Royale stars a Bond that is more human and athletic. In movies to come, with Craig as Bond, we expect to see Bond slowly maturing and changing into the cool agent he was meant to be. That ought to refresh us for a while.

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