The Spy Who Loved Me – James Bond

The longest living Bond, Roger Moore, plays the worlds most famous secret agent James Bond in this fast paced Bond classic. This movie might be one of Roger Moore’s best in the role. It is packed with action, wit and style.

The plot of the movie is Bond worthy. In essence this is what it is about: Both the British and Russians are amazed when a submarine from each country disappears and the only link is a microfilm detailing the movements of the British submarine meaning that somehow a submarine can be tracked via it’s “wake”. The British sends agent James Bond and the Russians send Major Anya Amasova, otherwise known as “Triple-X”. After first fighting against each other over the microfilm, the two agents are ordered to work together against the real enemy, mad shipping billionaire Carl Stromberg who plans to use the submarines to destroy the world via nuclear missiles so that any survivors are forced to live in Stromberg’s dream world beneath the sea. However James must also defend himself against Anya as she finds out that James had killed her lover on a previous mission.

As you can probably tell by the plot, this makes for some great scenes where Bond have to have his eyes in every direction. The story is one of the best Bond stories told this far, and has that Bond stamp all over it. Roger Moore finally breaks trough as the secret agent he is supposed to be. If you compare “The Spy Who Loved Me” with “Live And Let Die”, you can tell that he has come a long way. He now knows that he is not Sean Connery, and it shows. Moore does the old dry-humored-one-liners-Bond very well.

If you are a Bond fan and haven’t seen “The Spy Who Loved Me” yet, just do it. It is well worth your time.

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