How To Put Music To Ipod – It’s Child’s Play

How To Put Music To Ipod – It’s Child’s Play

Learning how to put music to Ipod is one of the easiest things in the world, and in the next few minutes you are going to learn exactly that. Buckle up, because its going to be a quick ride!

When you are learning how to put music to Ipod, the first thing to decide is where you want to get the music from. You have two main sources-your CDs, and the internet, from downloads etc. First of all Im going to show you how to get the music from your Cds onto your Ipod.

Step 1- Connect your computer to the internet, if its not already, and download a copy of Itunes from the Apple website. If you already have Itunes, take the time to update it to the latest version. The newer ones are slightly faster.

Step 2- Grab whatever CDs you want to and transfer them into Itunes. This is just about the most simple thing in the world, so I wont insult you by dragging it out here.

Step 3- Connect the Ipod to the computer with your USB cable. All you need to do from there is make sure the computer and the Ipod are both switched on and recognise each other, then you can begin to drag and drop the songs from Itunes into your Ipod.

And thats how to put music to Ipod from your CDs. Its that easy, and all thats left is to listen to them.

In order to get the music from the internet, you will need to find a good reputable website for downloading the music from. Thats the tricky part, as once the music is downloaded all you need to do is transfer it onto the Ipod like before. For a list of a few excellent download sites, check out A good download site will typically charge you a small one off membership fee, and in return give you access to as many download as you wish, and their libraries are huge. Its a great way to boost your music collection, not to mention movies and Tv shows etc.

So there you are, you just learned how to put music to Ipod. Told you it wouldnt take long. Do you know anyone else with an Ipod? Why not pass this article on to them and help them out by clicking on the link on the top right of the page.

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