James Bond and ‘Quantum of Solace’

If you’re looking for a non stop, action packed thriller, then the new James Bond, ‘Quantum of Solace’, is definitely for you.

Leading on from old traits, seen in the most recent movies with Daniel Craig and ‘Casino Royale’, the new ‘Quantum of Solace’ adventures, will continue to dazzle, with even more high impact, intense action, and even greater quality sound and video based effects.

‘Quantum of Solace’ follows on from where the previous sequel started, with James Bond being betrayed by Vesper, making the intensity of his next mission, both passionate, and almost unbearable. Bond and M continue on their quest to capture and interrogate Mr.White, a task which they eventually succeed in doing. By completing the interrogation, Mr.White reveals that an organization tricked and bribed Vesper into stealing Bond’s winnings, and warns Bond that he is possibly in too deep.

Foolish mistakes, Forensic investigations, as well as findings manage to link both an MI6 agent, who turned out to be a traitor, to a bank account based in Haiti. This eventually leads Bond to a welcoming introduction from Camille, who has her own scenario, and leads Bond straight to the ruthless businessman that is, Dominic Greene, also a major player in the strength of the criminals ‘Quantum’.

In usual Bond style, countries such as Austria, Italy and South America are visited, where Bond eventually cracks the code, to find that Greene is taking control of natural resources worldwide, thanks to his contacts that include informants in the CIA and the British government. Bond tries to keep slightly ahead of times to uncover the truth, and eventually save what is the South American water supply.

Guy Draper

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