DTV Channels – Learn Which Digital Channels Are in Your

DTV Channels – Learn Which Digital Channels Are in Your Area

If you are looking for DTV channels you are probably interested in converting your current analog signal to receive 100% digital quality programming. The good news is that beginning on February 19th, 2009 you will be able to receive digital quality broadcasting by all the local stations in your area as they will no longer be able to send analog airwaves anymore. There are many channels already that broadcast in digital and if you only receive analog signals through an antenna you are missing out on these.

DTV channels are available to anyone that either has a television that has a digital tuner or if you have a digital converter box for your TV. Digital television channels are just like any other channel you can receive through an antenna, however these will generally come in much clearer and crisp as compared to analog signals. Your local channels currently could be broadcasting in both signals right now, but in 2009, they can only send digital programming.

Basically it’s the same situation as if you have a satellite dish through either Dish Network or Direct TV where you put an off air antenna on your house to try and capture the HD or high definition channels in your local area. It’s free programming if you have the right antenna to receive these signals. The only difference is that since you have the HD antenna, you receive the channels in high definition.

With the digital converter for your TV you will receive the same channels currently in analog but they will be in a better picture quality since they are broadcast in digital.

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