The Godfather – A Must Watch Film

Whether you enjoy a good book or love to sit down and watch a film there are always some good plot lines and stories to get you captivated. One of the greatest stories that you can both buy in book form and DVD form is the Godfather which has been acclaimed as the best film ever made by a number of critics, individuals and film makers alike.

Based in the 1940′s gang land city of New York, Vito Corleone, the godfather, played by the award winning Marlon Brando is the head of the mafia family, the Corleone’s. Vito’s son, Michael (Al Pacino) returns from World War II as a proud hero to attend his sister’s wedding and gradually gets accepted by his family who he defied by going to war, and eventually follows in his father’s footsteps to become the godfather himself. Michael seeks revenge from those that tried to assassinate his father on a number of occasions and goes out on a bloody and murderous path to consolidate his family’s power whilst his own life and personal life takes a tumble for the worst as power and greed goes to his head.

With a superb cast line up that features many quality named actors and excellent directing it’s a film that needs to be watched, because whether you have read the book or not you will be captivated by it.

Packed full of intense moments, drama, action and a great plot line you can see why it is voted as one of the best films of all time.

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