The Kids TV Shows of the 80s and 90s

I can remember in the 80s and most of the 90s TV been the most important thing in my life. I would get home from school and I would watch Rainbow and He man. Then I would change the channel to the BBC and see what was on there. The Kids TV Shows they were so good back then, and hardly ever was there one that you did not like. Nowadays I wonder if the kids born in the 2000s would feel like me when they grow up. Would they want to see the old kids TV shows from their childhood when they have grown up? I very much doubt it. Now it is all about putting people in costumes and singing and dancing around. There just doesn’t seem to be any creativity in many of the Kids TV Shows today. It is “let us sing a song about the alphabet” etc and that is good enough.

The only program I can remember been really good at this was Sesame street. This had great characters with humour and learning at the same time. I just cant say the same for Teletubbies and the Tweenies just to name a few of these shows. Can you see a kid later in their mid to late 20s wanting to see these shows again? I can’t. However, when I was watching Kids TV in the late 80s and most of the 90s, there were shows back then what you could not wait to come back on again. Knightmare – it looks so crappy now, but for its time it was genius. I mean you would actually join in and go “no don’t send him that way you idiots.” A lot of the shows had interactivity or great story lines like The Mysterious cities of Gold. How many shows nowadays in the Kids TV area have half of what these shows had back then? Perhaps I am biased towards the era I grew up in. Maybe not. I don’t know it is just that I can’t see the Kids TV Shows what come on now. Will they be remembered like the shows come and gone in the 80s and 90s? Perhaps a few will but I think not many.

Steven Simms

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