Hungry For Love

However you celebrate this Holiday Season, chances are it will involve some feasting. In fact, one of my favorite lines from Dr. Seuss is the carving of the “roast beast.” (Roast tofu for the veggies out there).

Have you ever wondered why food almost always goes hand in hand with the coming together of friends, family, and lovers?

I’ll give you a hint.

Look at the beautiful spread on the table; listen to the sizzle of meat or the crack of breaking bread; smell the aroma; taste all the different flavors; feel how it warms your tummy as it goes down.

Food is a highly sensual experience.

Guess what? So is romance…especially onscreen romance, where desire has to be demonstrated visually so that the audience can feel it.

Remember, everything in a screenplay has to be something that can be seen or heard. It’s a sure sign of an amateur when a character “longs for” someone or something. Yes, we can give actors some credit – they do know how to show the emotion of longing, but they still have to have some action to do to convey it.

Anyway, back to food.

Food is a wonderful way to create a desire within the audience. Once they are longing for something, they will be fully engaged in the longing the romantic leads feel for each other. Some movies that do this very well are Like Water for Chocolate, No Reservations, Big Night, and Eat Drink Man Woman.

Hungry yet? Good. Start writing.

Liz Peters

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