Does Your Dog Have What It Takes to Be In

Does Your Dog Have What It Takes to Be In the Movies or On TV?

Have you ever thought your dog could be in the movies or on TV? Do you think your dog has what it takes to be a dog actor? There are a few questions you should ask yourself before going all out and trying to make your dog that actor.

Does your dog obey your commands. What about when you are in a busy place? If you are not close by does your dog still respond quickly and confidently?

Does your dog know how to respond to hand signals? Does he respond as well to your hand signals as he does your voice commands?

Will your dog follow the commands of a stranger? Sometimes, on the set, owners are not allowed. Then a trainer would be the one to work with your dog. So your dog would have to listen to a total stranger if that is the case.

What about you as the owner? Could you be available on a moments notice?

If youre serious about your dog becoming an actor, you would need to train your dog beyond basic obedience. This means you need the time for training and keeping him sharp.

If your dog is a mutt, it might be more difficult to get picked because it would be difficult to find lookalikes. It usually takes several dogs to fulfill one role. Its too demanding for one dog to do it all.

OK! If you and your dog fulfill the requirements so far, what is next? Well, the next most important consideration is money of course. How much can you make?

That all depends on the skills and talents your dog has. But the usual payment can range from $100 – $500 per day.

What now? Find a local film school. Talk to the graduate students. They usually need to make a film before graduating. This is the perfect opportunity for you and your dog to get some experience and get paid too. That is right. You hopefully will get paid something by these graduate students.

Get out there and find a way to get some exposure. Fulfill that dream if you really want it. Go get it. Just remember to love your dog first. Dont let fame and fortune dictate the relationship you have with him.

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