DVD Movie Review – Deception

Deception is a sexually driven thriller produced by director Marcel Langenegger. This film is about a seemingly lost in live accountant named Jonathan (Ewen McGregor) who meets a super charismatic attorney named Wyatt (Hugh Jackman). The two began a friendship that was going very well until Wyatt introduced Jonathan to an underground sex club known as the list, where Jonathan feels that he has met the girl of his dreams (Michelle Williams). But what will happen when Jonathan is named the prime suspect in the disappearence of his dream girl and is being accused of steeling 20 million dollars.

This film starts off relatively slow taking about 15-20 minutes building the relationship between Jonathan and Wyatt. It was very obvious that something was up with Wyatt when he very slickly switched their cell phones at lunch. The one thing that I really didn’t like is that once Jonathan knew he had Wyatt’s phone who was now conveniently out of town, he would answer whenever it would ring, which didn’t make sense to me. By doing this Jonathan was of course falling right into some sort of trapped orchestrated by Wyatt.

Jonathan then began to see these strange women who were calling Wyatt’s phone on a regular basis having sexual encounters with all of them. He shortly realizes that he is part of some sort of underground sex club, but does he stop, of course not. He doesn’t seem to want to stop until he meets the girl of his dreams known as S (Michelle Williams), who is part of the underground sex club.

I can’t stand it when they make dudes fall in love with a girl they’ve only known for a day or two, and this exactly what happens with Jonathan’s character. Jonathan who met his supposed dream girl in a sex club is driven to make her his one and only true love, which was a little to cheesy for me. S of course who was playing the confused, mysterious hard to get role was once again obviously part of some sort of plan, and when she came up missing, you was sure of it.

Things started to come together when Wyatt came back to town with a brand new bad guy attitude towards Jonathan. He began to make Jonathan’s life a living hell by demanding that he steels 20 million dollars from his accountant job or S will be killed.

When it is all said and done, Jonathan has to decide is his dream girl worth risking his career and even his life and ultimately does.

Deception is a very clich movie with a few predictable twists. It is a very entertaining movie overall that is worth watching. I give it a strong 3 out of 5.

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