WALL-E Movie Review From a Christian Perspective

A review of Wall-E from a Christian perspective.

WALL-E was a very cute movie that is safe for the whole family. The story is based around the main character, WALL-E.

WALL-E is alone on earth picking up and compacting trash. His only companions are a cockroach and the items that he sifts out of the garbage to add to his large collection.

WALL-E is thrown a curve ball when a pretty and feisty little robot named Eve comes into his boring and predictable life. Eve’s arrival is when the slow starting movie really picks up.

It is amazing how these robots communicate and very little talking goes on in the movie. However, there is some speaking with the human characters. The human factor is the meat of the story. I will leave it at that because I do not like to give the stories away in my reviews!

WALL-E has all the cool stuff that any good movie needs…drama, good v/s evil, lessons learned, bravery and of course a good old fashioned robotic love story!

The only downfall of this movie, in my opinion, is the slow start and lack of talking. It was very difficult for my four year old to sit through. She was not as enthralled with WALL-E as she was with Kung Fu Panda.

All in all WALL-E is a great movie with adorable characters that you are sure to love. I give it 3 out of 4 stars! The only reason it does not get 4 stars is because I felt it had some boring and drawn out scenes.

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