Saturday Night Live Giraffes

We did a google search on Saturday Night Live Giraffes to see what we could find. To our amazement we found 5 videos, featuring almost the entire episode of SNL, but no Giraffes. The first video we saw was John McCain and Sarah Palin on QVC trying to sell Pork Knives that don’t just cut pork, they disintegrate it.

Both Sarah Palin and John McCain were both boasting about how all they needed was QVC and a good attitude to win the elections in 2008, since they couldn’t afford to be on three major television networks like Barack Obama. Of course if you have extra money to spend make sure you purchase one of the Sarah Palin 2012 election shirts.

The next SNL Video we saw was an artificial remake from the popular morning show called The View. They called Jennifer Aniston. She spoke about how the democratic party engaged in criminal activities 8 episodes ago. She mentioned how a democratic threw a rock through a republicans window as a scare tactic. I watched patiently through this entire video waiting to see Saturday Night Live Giraffes. Still no such luck. They called Alec Baldwin on the show, which was Ben Affleck.

The next video we saw was with Keith Olbermann which was also Ben Affleck. He spoke about how Bush was an ugly racist. Keith turns to Micheal Hilliar from the NAACP. Of course Michael wants to give his opinion, but Keith Olbermann only showed him part of the video, so he could make an unbiased decision. He also tied in John McCain to a very racial nazi comment he made. The person Keith was speaking to about this said these claims are outrageous, but Keith Olbermann took it for courageous. We were once again looking for the Saturday Night Live Giraffes, but never found them on this video either.

I wish we had have watched this episode, we’re sorry we missed it. If any of you recorded this show in its entirety, post it on youtube. There are a lot of people just like us who are looking forward to viewing the Saturday Night Live Giraffes.

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