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“Why So Serious?” has to be one of the coolest taglines ever. People around the world, in every place imaginable seemed to be captured by these three little words. I guess it’s only fitting that Heath Ledger was the one that delivered them because we all know behind the Joker’s chaotic and sickening smile was an incredibly talented individual. Heath’s passing aside, the result could have gone either way.

So many gambles on The Dark Knight were taken, and every single one of them paid off. The cast – stellar, oozing of talent and even with a major recasting of Rachel Dawes (previously played by Katie Holmes pre- Cruise and replaced by Maggie Gyllenhaal), the Dark Knight seemed to be gliding through the low clouds hanging over Hollywood without so much as a sideward glance at the hungry, eager critics waiting below.

Still, Christopher Nolan can do no wrong. With the casting of Heath Ledger as The Joker, everything seemed eerily close to perfection. This time around it was all about the villains as much as The Batman’s seemingly inevitable journey into darkness. Being able to capture that transition on-screen seemed very much key to The Dark Knight becoming a success at the box office. And it was delivered unto the masses and it was good.

The action sequences were spectacular and the gadgets and vehicles will keep any gadget-loving fanboy or girl clapping their hands in delight. I was mostly impressed with the strip away Batmobile-cum-Tumbler (that’s bat-speak for motorbike) but then again, I always did love the gadgets. Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Rachel was very different to Katie Holmes’ portrayal. I liked what she did with the role, taking Rachel to a more ‘sophisticated’ and grown-up place. The arrival of Aaron Eckhart’s Harvey Dent a.k.a ‘Two-Face’ also adds a little spice to the somewhat doomed love affair between Rachel and Bruce Wayne.

And what of the Batman? Well, to the legions of Batman fans out there, I am sure Christian Bale is probably heralded as some kind of god, breathing new life into a much-loved DC Comics stalwart hero. And I would have to agree. After two movies as Batman, Christian Bale doesn’t seem to be letting up at all and in fact, delivered an equally fantastic performance, holding his own against the wonderfully poignant performance of Heath Ledger.

I enjoyed The Dark Knight immensely. I was made to feel like the legacy of Batman could easily have come full circle, even though The Dark Knight will more than likely be one more stepping-stone towards even more box office glory for its creators. As a fan, I am happy to have seen it and happier still to expect to see more of the same cinematic brilliance.

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