Witness to Jonestown Massacre Movie Review

Jim Jones from the Witness To Jonestown Deadly Cult passes himself off as being like Jesus Christ. He’s probably one of the most brutal, selfish and controlling individuals anyone could ever possibly ever meet. In November 1978 about Nine Hundred people were hypnotized by this man and listened to everything he had to say. Many believed that Jim Jones started out as a Con Artist, doing this for financial gain and power, then somewhere along the line it would seem as if he flipped his lid and became a mass murderer. He used the Law of Attraction to get peoples attention and influence them.

In the Witness to Jonestown Massacre Movie, it was mentioned that Jim Jones came up with the Revolutionary idea of suicide. He mentioned that he wanted to go down in History as a Martyr, this was early in History even before Jonestown. He wants to go down in History as the creator or Revolutionary Suicide. He wants the world to realize that he and his cult would rather be dead than be used by the capitalistic system.

In the movie Witness To Jonestown Massacre Jim Jones was asked by he just didn’t take his own life. And Jim responded by saying that if he died it wouldn’t make a statement to the public as to his strong intentions to make a strong statement to the world. He said if 900 people died, the world would be more inclined to listen to his message. Jim Jones had a special way about him that he was able to get over on and con into following him and listening to everything he says and does.

The Witness To Jonestown was instigated by a lot of things. Jim Jones was known to use drugs and become violent after doing so. He was also paranoid about being investigated by Leo Ryan and other Congressmen. In a rare interview with Jim right before the massacre he asked people to leave them alone. He mentioned that anyone that wants out could just walk away. We think he was obviously mentally ill. Jim Jones died by killing himself before he could be apprehended by authorities. All his big leadership moves were for nothing, he died a cowards death but the movie is great.

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