Deal Or No Deal? How to Take Your Chances

I watch Deal or no Deal on television like the rest of the nation. I still shout at the television when the contestants don’t take the money or get an all blue round and I still mutter at the banker’s terrible jokes. This aside there are things about that game show that annoy me like no other.

No matter what Noel Edmonds might like you to think, you can’t create your own luck in the game. Whatever number box you pick could just as easily be the 1p or the 100,000 as there is no possible way to tell. This doesn’t stop Noel from making unfortunate contestants feel as bad as possible about their lack of fortune, or heap unwarranted praise on contestants who just happened to pick boxes that just happened to contain an amount of money that just happened to be picked by one of the semi circle of waiting contenders.

Also, will someone please tell me what’s up with the clapping? Why has everyone started to clap when the tape is whipped off the box and the number is revealed by one of the semi circle? People even clap when the 250,000 goes which makes even less sense. Oh well done you picked a red, brilliant. People are made to feel so bad that they actually mouth ‘sorry’ to the contestant if they reveal a high number! Get over it. It might be because I have a degree in maths from a prestigious UK university but surely other people can see that probability is hardly a factor in this game. Luck is all that is on show and nothing more.

Nearly always the contestants will get too greedy. They forget that they are being offered cash sums and get fixated on the highest number on the board. Big mistake. The disappointment at taking 15,000 when you could have won 30,000 is nowhere near as great as if you refuse 15,000 and end up with 200. I could scream at the TV when contestants get that glazed over, dollar in their eyes look, cheered on by the crowd who don’t really care if the contestant wins or loses as long as they hurry up and choose a box.

The other week I actually watched a man refuse the offer of 100,000. Yes. He handed back 100,000 of money to gamble between the 200,000 and the 1penny. The fool ended up with the 1p and to be honest I thought he deserved it. You wouldn’t gamble your house on the possibility that by choosing a box you would either A) lose your house or B) possibly double your money.

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