The World of Movie Set Production Design

Who among us hasn’t at some point in their lives dreamed of making a career in the movies. However; when most people dream of earning the big bucks in the movies, they think in terms of being a highly paid actor or actress. The truth is though that the people acting in any movie are only one part of it’s success because so many other people behind the curtain have actually contributed.

The fact, is that when you are watching any movie, most of what you are watching is the set. Without a well designed set the work of the actors would be absolutely worthless, because no one would ever go to see the movie. So, who designs and creates the set? This is where the production designers come in.

The beginning of any work in production design starts with a budget. A truly skilled artisan of production design knows how to create the maximum effect with the budget that they have to work with. To do this they must first of all be completely knowledgeable of the common materials and techniques that are used in film set production design.

All of the greatest film producers such as George Lucas and Steven Speilberg attended a film school. Likewise, all great practitioners of production design have attended any one of a number of production design schools and academies to learn their craft.

A production design school or academy is important for two reasons. First, it is a place to learn the both basic and advanced production design techniques, which is very important for obvious reasons. Secondly, it is a place where an aspiring production designer can actually begin to establish a track record, which is necessary to begin approaching film companies with in the hopes of gainful employment.

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