TV Shows That Rock – Why You Want to Watch

TV Shows That Rock – Why You Want to Watch 24

The TV series 24 used a new method the hook readers, a two hour TV special presentation (Redemption), that you thought was unrelated to the upcoming premiere other than to show how Jack Bauer returns to the US. Jack risks his life to save young African boys from being forced to become child soldiers by bringing the boys to the American embassy so they can be transported to America and freedom. For Jack to accomplish this feat he must defeat a band of the rebels, survive being tortured himself and make a deal with Embassy officials to turn himself in to US authorities for extradition to the US in exchange for asylum for the young African orphans.

The premiere unfolds with Jack being put on trial for torturing his prisoners to gather critical information to stop multiple nefarious and catastrophic plots against the US. Jack violated the rules of the Geneva Convention and is willing to take the consequences. Jack does not retain a lawyer and plans to defend himself in his trial. But alas trouble brews, you see terrorists have gained access to technology that allows them to break through the US government computer firewall and take control of the water system, the power system, military systems etc. It is discovered that one of the terrorists is none other than Tony Almeida, Jack’s old CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit) buddy. Oh yes and Tony Almeida was supposed to be dead. The FBI believes Jack can be of assistance in the case and appear at the Senate hearing and deliver the subpoena for Jack Bauer. I keep expecting the lead Senator to yell out “I’m gonna put my foot up your ass”( Kurtwood Smith, He played the part of Red in “That 70′s Show”).

Why will this TV show keep your interest? I list some of the subplots:

Who is Tony Almeida loyal to, the terrorists or the good guys?
Will FBI agent Renee Walker become another Jack Bauer and torture all the bad guys?
Will the Presidents husband, Henry Taylor, discover who murdered his son and will he live to tell about it?
Will Jack torture again? Oh yeah he already tortured his best friend Tony Almeida.
Is analyst Sean Hillinger a bad guy, or was the plane his wife was flying in targeted to control him?
Is FBI boss Larry Moss part of the secret government conspiracy?
Did Chloe O’Brian and Janis Gold room together in computer school?
Is the Presidents Chief of Staff part of the secret conspiracy?
Can Jack trick the terrorist leader into believing that he is now a terrorist?

Will the President order US forces to attack the rebel leader in Africa, even though the terrorists will be able to create massive US civilian casualties because of their ability to breach the government firewall?

So many questions, and so little time to discover the answers, I am sure Jack and company will keep us glued to ours seats in this process of discovery, double-cross and subterfuge. This is the seventh year of 24, now might be a good time to review some of the older seasons available on DVD.

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