How to Perform Criss Angel Tricks

Criss Angel Tricks

I have always been a huge fan of Criss Angel. The way he gets the crowd going, the music he creates, and most of all the illusions he performs.

And more often then not while watching Criss Angel I wonder “How does he do that?” And more importantly “how can I do that?”

For awhile I looked online, I found that some tricks (walking up a wall) cost a lot of money to perform, but I still wanted to have the ability to perform some of his simpler tricks, heck even some card tricks would be fine.

But it seemed Criss Angel tricks would be locked away from me forever, online I found some interesting and fun card tricks but they all felt a little stale, and a lot of other people already knew them. I looked for a long time but finally gave up and decided that I could never perform something like Criss Angel.

And boy was I wrong, while looking online I found a place that really had some great tricks! It had some nice tricks by Criss as well as some amazing tricks by David Blaine.

Now I am able to perform great tricks for my friends, I get applauded all the time and people at the mall love to see my tricks. I have even made some money on the side.

Now the tricks I perform are not always the same as the Criss Angel Tricks you see on the TV but they are still amazing and get the same reactions.

If you want to see how I learned Criss Angel tricks come look at my website and learn how to amaze your friends!

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