Ice Age 2- The Meltdown

Sequels made after the original are of two kinds, mostly. One that broadens the films horizon and the other that is just made blatantly to cash-in the previous films success. This one, thankfully falls in the former category.

The main characters are the same as the Ice age, namely, Manny, the mammoth (Romano), Sid the sloth (Leguizamo) and Diego, the sabre tooth tiger (Leary). The sequel centers around how Manny is worried about being the last surviving member of his species. Every time he is reminded of this fact, he goes into a melancholic mood. The ice is melting and everyone is trekking to safer territory as the valley is like a bowl ready to be filled once the water comes higher up the icy walls. It has already started showing signs of danger with the ocean creatures coming to life and threatening the very existence of all these animals. Joining them on their journey is Ellie (Latifah), a mammoth who thinks she is a possum because she lost her parents and was brought up by a possum family. With her there are her possum brothers, Eddie and Crash (Peck and Scott).

The sequel is way ahead of the original, expanding the theme and better animations. Mannys search of his own species is story enough for the movie and global warming adds to the moral without being in the face. It is full of slapstick humor, that the 10 to fourteen years old can look forward to and the adults are going to just love the sexual politics built in the story itself. Go get yourself a DVD today and enjoy the meltdown of a serious you.

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