What 2009 Will Mean to Television

2009 will be remembered as the year television went off the air. After February 17, 2009 all network programming will be digitally based. This will be a significant improvement to viewers who have been frustrated by “ghosts” and “snow” visible in analog TV transmissions. Overall, digital broadcasting will make your TV viewing experiences far better. You will be able to enjoy improved picture quality as well as better quality sound. Whether you switch to a digital TV set, order a digital tuner or sign up with either a cable or satellite provider, your viewing experience will be enhanced.

You may be wondering what will happen to all the channels after the big switch occurs. Converting to digital television will actually free up a great deal of the broadcast spectrum, enabling this space to be used by local emergency and public services as well as advanced wireless services. The big switch is already being felt in the retail avenue, as manufacturers are now required to create new TVs with digital tuners pre-installed. Where does this leave consumers who still have older model TVs or even retailers selling used TV’s that were made before 2008? In the dark, quite literally.

One of the most obvious points to consider is that consumers who buy digital TVs or buy digital tuners will be paying top dollar for basically the status quo. This certainly gives an edge to satellite TV providers and local cable providers. What are some of the best advantages of satellite and cable TV? For starters, both options offer viewers hundreds of channels in digital quality. Both choices offer a long list of premium channels, basic channels and even HD (High Definition) channels. Both options also offer the new cutting edge DVR (Digital Video Recorder) system. This unit allows viewers to pause or rewind live TV, and also record series or movies with just the click of a button.

Obviously, cable and satellite TV offers a great variety in entertainment that is simply not available on standard network programming. There are movie channels that offer movies for adults or even sexually explicit networks that offer blocks of programming. Parents may have concerns about these channels and wonder how they can prevent their children from watching.

It’s well known that cable TV has parental control features that can block programming based on ratings or individual titles. The same can also be said of satellite TV, which offers parental controls according to TV rating, channel, or even time allotment. (That way you can prevent Junior from watching Sponge Bob for ten hours straight!)

Now is the time to make the switch over to cable or satellite TV. Both providers offer advantages over the other, but the final decision rests with you, your budget and your living situation. It’s better to order a subscription service now in 2008, a few months in advance of the big cut off date, since you know once March 2009 comes, providers will increase their sign up fees and regular charges. 2009 will be remembered as the end of analog television…but the beginning of a new era for high quality interactive entertainment!

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