New Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince International Teaser Trailer!

New Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince International Teaser Trailer!

The trailer begins by sweeping across mild seas, and then zooming across towards the waves crashing against a cliff face, backed by eerie music. In the cliff face is a cave, the one where Voldemort tortured fellow orphans as a child and has hidden one of his horcrux’s, Slytherin’s locket.

The next shot is of Dumbledore’s scarred hand and blackened fingertips as they move above a rock face within the cave. The rocks fall away (in comparison to the books, where they simply vanish). You can hear him say “This is beyond anything I imagined. This is a different kind of magic. Very powerful, very powerful.” This contrasts strongly to the books, where Dumbledore describe’s Voldemort’s method as very “crude”, although perhaps he is talking about what lies within.

After a quick shot of a flash of lightning, the scene reverts to Dumbledore, who stands on top of the island in the lake, whirling his wand around his head as huge gusts of fire swirl around the island. The island can be seen to look rather glassy, yet rocky at the same time, although it is difficult to tell. Harry Potter, or any inferi that are presumably being warded off, cannot be distinguished. The basin cannot be seen either.

The trailer then moves back to what is probably an earlier scene in Dumbledore’s office. “Once again,” Dumbledore says, “I must ask too much of you, Harry.” Dumbledore must be asking Harry for a favour, possibly getting Slughorn’s memory, which holds important information concerning Voldemort’s time as a student.

After seeing a close-up shot of Harry in one of Hogwart’s halls, the typical Warner Brothers logo appears, surrounded by mist. Next, Harry is seen rushing through the thickets around the Burrow. This is part of a scene that was added specifically for the movie. Dumbledore’s voice can be heard. “Every day, every hour, this very minute in fact,” he says.

The scene briefly flashes to an above view of the same area. A small, indistinguishable group of people are running through the thickets towards the Burrow, which is burning. We’re not sure how this is going to impact on all the Burrow scenes in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Behind the Burrow, there is a lake. Next to, but separated from the Burrow is another building, not on fire.

The next shot is an aerial view of Hogwarts castle. Dumbledore finishes his sentence over the next few scenes: “… dark Forces attempt to penetrate these walls” The next scene is of a figure, probably Draco Malfoy, who is standing in front of the Room of Requirement, which features a large and colourful wall fresco. The next scene is of Ron and Hermione, standing next to each other and looking up nervously. They appear to be in the Gryffindor common room.

After a short panorama of some of Hogwart’s halls, we see Draco Malfoy pulling the cover dramatically of a vanishing cabinet, which is what the Death Eater’s use to infiltrate Hogwarts. We then see a fiery snake (presumably conjure by Death Eaters) in some sort of dark tunnel with those funny brown bricks you see in some houses from the 60s. Beside it, on the wall, are some odd things, that I couldn’t for the life of me identify. The next too, ultra-fast shots, are of Nagini, curled up, and Voldemort’s palid face.

Next, Harry is standing next to Dumbledore beside a memorial in Hogsmeade. Dumbledore can be heard saying “This time, I can’t hope to destroy it alone,”. Harry reaches onto Dumbledore’s arm so they can apparate together. We then see 5 members of the Gryffindor Quidditch team zooming on their brooms in front of the Quidditch stands, before seeing the Gryffindor common room again, this time packed with partying students celebrating Gryffindor’s victory. Lavender Brown, who is in fact blonde (not brunette as I always naively imagined) pulls Ron towards her for a kiss.

Next, Dumbledore appears taking some a phial of memory for use in the pensieve. “This memory is everything,” he says. Slughorn is then seen extracting a memory, a silver wisp, from his brain, dragging it out with his wand. He looks quite apprehensive, although in the book he is meant to be crying. Shortly after, Harry’s face sinks into the pensieve. “You’re the chosen one, Harry … without this we’d leave the fate of our world to chance,” Dumbledore says as Harry casts some spell from the cave-island against the inferi, in vain. Next, the Burrow is seen with a ring of fire around it. Then we see many Hogwarts students and teachers gathered in one of the courtyards. McGonagall raises her wand to the sky and sends out a mini-lightning spark, for a purpose as-yet unknown.

We then see Harry, Lupin and Ginny gazing at the burning burrow, then Bellatrix Lestrange as she casts a spell in Hogwarts. The next scene is an excerpt from one already seen in the last trailer, where Dumbledore sets the cupboard in Riddle’s orphanage on fire. The next shot is of Snape (the Half-Blood Prince) leading some Death Eaters down the Great Hall, striding past the set-tables (although there is not food). Harry then calls after Snape: “Fight back, you coward.” while running down a dark forest. The scene goes back to outside the Burrow. Harry casts a spell against Fenrir Greyback, although to little avail. Harry, Lupin and some others are seen running away from a house, probably the Burrow again.

Next, Harry vanishes under his invisibility cloak on the compartment on the Hogwarts Express that Draco Malfoy is in. Shortly after, Draco hurls some spell at Harry, who is on one of the luggage racks, invisible and unable to communicate to anybody after eavesdropping onto Draco’s conversation. The next scene is of Hagrid’s hut. Death Eaters jump up and down gleefully as the hut burns to pieces. Bellatrix appears to be the most energetic. After a shot of Harry in some place unknown, Hedwig’s Theme plays over the title: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

In a little bit of fun after the end of such a serious series of serial menaces, Harry is caught gazing at a pretty girl in the library by Hermione. “Hey!” she says, “She’s only interested in you because she thinks you’re the Chosen One,”. Harry, rather arrogantly and uncharacteristically, responds “But I am the Chosen One,”. Hermione promptly hits him on the jaw with a rolled up Daily Prophet, despite Harry’s assurances that he is “kidding”. Interestingly, at the end we are informed the movie is to come out “this year”, so this trailer was either leaked months beforehand or done when the release date was still expected to be in November this year.

International Half Blood Prince Teaser Trailer

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